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Contends: January-March  2009, Volume 39, Number 1

Andreu Puigdollers Pérez
In this issue… (Editorial)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):003-004 [Abstract] [See pdf]

Juan Canut
Revealing predictions (The Observer)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):005-006 [Abstract] [See pdf]

José María Llamas Carreras
Extraction debate. Part 1. Bridge over troubled water (Original Articles)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):007-020 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Sirin Nevzatoglu, Nazan Küçükkeles
Maxillary protraction: is it more than predicted growth? (Original Articles)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):021-032 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Rogelio José Scougall Vilchis, Chrisel Zárate Díaz, Wakamatsu Nobukazu, Nakagawa Takeharu
Bond strength of orthodontic lingual buttons bonded with different adhesive systems (Original Articles)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):033-038 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Mar Rico García-Amado, Pablo García-Camba Varela, Adela Díaz Bruces, Verena Thams Baudot, Isabel Tarjuelo Amor, Margarita Varela Morales
Development of a pheripheral ossifying fibroma during orthodontic treatment of a 13 year old patient: clinical and histophatological diagnosis (Original Articles)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):039-045 [Abstract] [Buy article]

María Orquín Orts, Ana Molina Coral, Emma Serra Oller, Andreu Puigdollers Pérez
Preprosthetic orthodontics using miniscrews (Original Articles)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):047-051 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Fernando de la Iglesia Beyme
Debonding of ceramic brackets (Journal's Review)
Rev Esp Ortod 2009;39(1):053-056 [Abstract] [See pdf]
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