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Contends: April-June  2016, Volume 46, Number 2

Andreu Puigdollers
Physics and clinical orthodontics (Editorial)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):047 [Abstract] [See pdf]

José María Llamas
Extractions in orthodontics. An inconclusive debate? (Evidence and Clairvoyance)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):048-052 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Hans-Peter Bantleon
Practical application of tip-back mechanics (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):053-057 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Eugenio M. Cordero-Acosta, José María Barrera-Mora, María Belén Ruiz-Navarro, Eduardo Espinar-Escalona
Theoretical bases and practical applications of functional occlusal equilibration after orthodontic treatment (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):058-064 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Eduardo Díaz Muñoz, Karla Valdez Benavente, Pedro Diatto Saavedra, Nguyen Puente de La Vega
Confrontation on effectiveness and efficiency of therapies for Angle class III malocclusion in patients with growth (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):065-070 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Irina Boca, Beatriz Solano Mendoza, José Enrique Solano Reina
Low friction. Archwire frictional resistance of self-ligating and conventional brackets (Systematic Review)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):071-077 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Adriano Marotta Araujo, Montserrat Artés Ribas, María Ángela Mayoral Trias, Fco. Javier Fernández Bozal
Class III malocclusion treatment with clear aligners (Invisalign®) (Clinical Case)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):086-089 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Joan Rossell Capell, Laia Aguilar Almirall, Oriol Quevedo
Journal's Review 2/2016 (Journal's Review)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):086-089 [Abstract] [See pdf]

2nd Copenhagen Xmax Meeting (News)
Rev Esp Ortod 2016;46(2):090-091 [Abstract] [See pdf]
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