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Contends: January-March  2017, Volume 47, Number 1

Andreu Puigdollers
Corticotomies move the teeth faster. Is that really the only point? (Editorial)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):003-004 [Abstract] [See pdf]

Javier Álvarez Carlón
Retained horizontal upper canines labially oriented: Some clinical cases (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):005-013 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Sebastián Espinosa Sánchez y Claudia González Opazo
Virtual planning in orthognathic surgery: Workflow process (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):014-023 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Eusebio Valenzuela, Neyra Jammal y Hugo Trevisi
Inferior arch form and facial biotype determination in pre-orthodontic patients (Original Article)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):024-028 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Íñigo Gómez Bollain y Jon Gurrea
Treatment of a skeletal class III patient with dentoalveolar compensation and ceramic veneers (Clinical Case)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):029-041 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Georgina Leira Armengol y Núria Leira Juanós
Open bite with Invisalign Full (Clinical Case)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):042-052 [Abstract] [Buy article]

Joan Rossell y Ángel Formoso
Journal's Review 1/2017 (Journal's Review)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):053-057 [Abstract] [See pdf]

EOS 2017 and 63º Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia (SEDO) (News)
Rev Esp Ortod 2017;47(1):058-059 [Abstract] [See pdf]
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